Yo. I'm Sunny.

I'm a bitch with ADHD who can't stop running her mouth. Maybe I'm getting better at it, maybe not. Who knows.

All I know is that I got a lot of fuckin opinions and a big mouth to say them with. I really do try to be kind wherever possible, but I don't always succeed.

(If you're just here for age & pronouns- 24, She/her, they/them)

Internet Etiquette Help TOS

If you've come here from AO3 to discuss the finer points of Fandom and Internet etiquette, I'm more than happy to help! My time isn't free, though, so if you'd like to ask me any questions, it's $9 per question answered. If you're just here to sling accusations or make baseless claims, it will be $3 per incident.

You can send the funds to my Ko-Fi.

Neat Stuff

Here are some projects I'm currently working on! I'm very happy with them and I hope you find something you're interested in.

But first, I'm gonna tell you a secret

Who gives a shit if something is "cringe". Do it anyway.

I'm serious. Don't let anyone tell you that playing around with fiction is bad. It's not. It's just not. Make that catboy OC. Have as many ""mary sues"" as you want. Write that self insert fic. Ship those siblings. Smash those barbie dolls together. They're not real. Go fuckin insane with it, who gives a shit. Anyone who cares is probably a lameass anyway.

Okay Fine

I'm 24. She/her & they/them. I'm queer as hell. I'm firmly pro-ship (if you hadn't guessed, aha) and a pretty hardcore inclusionist. Yes, that includes that identity you don't like. Especially that one.

Homestuck and Dead By Daylight are my hyperfixations right now, but I'm into so many fandoms that I can't keep track.

I blockchain pretty frequently, too. It's nothing personal, I just don't like people who think it's okay to send death threats over fiction.

Here's the thing.

If you think it's okay to dig into someone's trauma to force them to "justify" their like of certain types of fiction, you're an asshole and we're not going to get along.

Simultaneously, if you think that people playing around with labels and finding what personally fits them best is some kind of attack on the queer community, your priorities are skewed.

Junecourse is dumb.

I like June! I enjoy her character! I think the concept of transfemm John is fun!

But Junecourse is STUPID. There's no point! People liking John is not "deadnaming June", people liking John is not "erasing a canon identity", because June and John exist as two seperate characters! June is "dubiously canon" due to the nature of H^2 and so many fans aren't even READING H^2! Them liking John =/= they're transphobic!

No really, It's DUMB.

Junecourse isn't even about JUNE anymore! June has turned into a tool for Homestuck fans to harrass others, notably transmasc people! The concept of her character is interesting and wonderful, but the rabid behavior of her fans have whole-heartedly turned people off from liking her and has caused splits in the fandom alienating fans who like John or might not even KNOW bout June's existence! And that's not even MENTIONING the way that radfems have latched onto June as weapon to spread their rhetoric!


I's just so dumb. It's so dumb.

It's so pointless. Junecourse has not done anything useful or productive, ever.



I'm just really tired of the shitshow fandom has become. It's supposed to be fun, you know?

It's supposed to be fun. Not a warground.


I post a lot of discourse on my Twitter, some horny threads, and some update notifications for my fics.

If you want to follow my Extra Horny Twitter go check out my links page. That's hard kinks (all untagged), so feel free to follow that if you want.

If you've made it this far...

You're probably pretty cool. Or at least detemined to find some dirt on me. Either way I can respect that. Dedication, you feel? Good shit.

My DMs are open if you ever wanna talk about anything. I'm always here for good-faith discussions and also being a sympathetic ear.

(P.S. Sorry fanpol, I don't have any trauma. There is no "gotcha" for me.)

Misc Things

I'm a Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, Sagittarius Rising.

I have a dog and a cat and I'm engaged.

I'm a Maid of Heart, but I've gone through about 10 different Godtiers. I have no idea what my lunar sway is, haha.

I have ADHD. I'm nonbinary and ace. (Specifically I'm autochorissexual.)

My full identity would get me #canceled by exclusionists in a heartbeat. It's a good thing I don't feel like sharing. <3